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The Right Way to Order Birthday Cakes Syracuse NY

Are you looking to order birthday cakes Syracuse NY for an upcoming birthday party, make sure you order it the right way for making the birthday event a success. The following steps will ensure that you get yourself the best cake for the upcoming birthday:

Determine the Number of People Who Will Attend the Event

The first step is to know the number of people who will attend the birthday event so you may the exact cake size to order.

Searching for Bakeries

The second step is to search for the bakeries you may order birthday cakes Syracuse NY from. You may choose to conduct an online search of local bakeries or ask your friends for referrals. If possible, look for customer reviews for determining the best bakery in the town.

Select Icing and Flavor

The birthday cake flavor shall primarily be the choice of the person whose birthday it is. The birthday cakes today come in a huge variety of flavors apart from the basic chocolate and vanilla flavors. The possible flavors to choose from include dark chocolate, chocolate chip, banana, lemon, carrot, red velvet and lemon poppy seeds besides other flavors. The next step is to determine the icing for the cake. Similar to the cake flavor, you will also need to determine the icing. The possible options include whipped frosting, fudge frosting, butter cream, cream cheese, fondant and chocolate butter cream icing.

Calling Bakeries

After you have decided on your options, the next step would be to call the bakeries and find out a few details. Ask basic questions, like do they offer the flavors you like, when you need the cake and how far in advance you need to place the order. You will also like to know about the deposit the bakery requires at the time of the order and the bakery’s cancellation policy and of course, their price quotes. Make sure to call at least a few bakeries before you decide on one.

Visit the Bakery If Needed

You may also like to pay a visit to the bakeries. This visit may serve several purposes. You can use this visit to view the birthday cake design which may help you to decide on the one you want and in case you have a particular design in your mind, you may take this opportunity to discuss the cake design with the bakery. You will also like to provide the name of the birthday girl/boy to the bakery in case you want a greeting on the cake.

Discuss Details with the Bakery

Provide the bakery a few details at this point, such as the date of the event and the time at which you need the cake. Remember that cakes are best served fresh and therefore, the two of you better agree on a time you will come to pick up the cake as this will ensure that the cake is fresh when you serve it.

Use these guidelines to order birthday cakes Syracuse NY and make the cake ordering process easier for you.

photo credit: dbgg1979 via photopin cc