Syracuse Cupcakes

Looking for Syracuse Cupcakes Ideas for a 1st Birthday?

A child’s first birthday is a special occasion for him/her and more so for the parents. It is a celebration of not just your child completing his/her first year but of your efforts and ability to raise the kid well. Hence, it is a given that you will be looking for the perfect Syracuse cupcakes for your child’s 1st birthday? Here are some ideas you can go for:

Panda Cupcakes

Panda cupcakes are a great way to celebrate your child’s 1st birthday. White frosting is used for creating the panda’s face while chocolate chips provide the ears, eyes and nose. You can rest assured that your kid will love panda cupcakes.

Baby Chicken Cupcakes

If you are looking for something as cute as your baby, then baby chicken cupcakes are just the idea you should go for. Use yellow icing for the chicken’s face and orange icing for creating the chick’s mouth. After all, you would want to remember the cute little 1st birthday cupcakes.

Bunny Cupcakes

Bunny cupcakes are a superb Syracuse cupcakes idea and a cute way of celebrating the special 1st birthday of your little one. Use pink frosting for creating the bunny’s face and candy melt ears for adding cute little bunny ears to the cupcake. M&M can be used for the nose while noodles are perfect for adding whiskers to your bunny’s face. Use tiny little pieces of chocolate for making the eyes and a tiny red candy for the bunny’s mouth and your bunny cupcake is ready.

Sunny Cupcakes

Your little baby is surely the sunshine of your life, so why not make it the theme for your child’s birthday cupcakes. Sunny cupcakes are easy to make with yellow frosting and tiny little chocolate chips for adding smiling eyes to the sunny cupcakes. Place candy corns for the sunray’s effect and a little icing for smile.

Clown Cupcakes

Looking to cheer up your child? Then clown cupcakes are just the right way to do it. Use white frosting for the clown’s face and gum drops for the colorful clown hair effect. Gummy worms can be used for putting a smile on the clown cupcakes and red gum ball for adding the clown nose.

Apple Cupcakes

Your child is the apple of your eyes, so why not consider apple Syracuse cupcakes for his/her 1st birthday. Place mini donuts on the top of these cupcakes and later dip these in sprinkles for adding some sparkle to your apples. Your apples are ready now and if you are looking to add stem and leaves to it, use tootsie rolls and green icing.

Bear Cupcakes

Bear cupcakes will not only be a favorite with your child but these are also easy to make. Use chocolate icing for making the bear’s face and ears and round chocolate chips for adding the eyes and nose and a little chocolate icing for putting a smile on the bear’s face.

These Syracuse cupcakes ideas are just what you need to light up your child’s 1st birthday and make it even more special.

photo credit: weennee via photopin cc