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How Much Wedding Cake Syracuse NY Should You Order?

The wedding cake is perhaps the most important part of the wedding preparations for a bride. You not only have to make sure that the cake is delicious and your guests will love it but also that it fits within your budget. With hundreds of things to pay for, you don’t want to be spending through the roof on the cake for the reception. This is where it is a good idea to know in advance how much wedding cake you should order.

Regardless of the cake Syracuse NY you are opting for, the quantity depends on the number of guests you have invited to the reception. As a rule of thumb, it is considered a safe option to order sufficient cake to serve one serving to 80% of the guests who show up to your wedding. For instance, if you have invited 100 people, the cake should be big enough for 80 slices. It is up to you to decide the ideal size of a serving. Some people prefer smaller servings while others want to serve large slices.

Moreover, the theme of the wedding is also a factor in deciding how much cake you need to order. For one, if you are opting for a dance party, complete with the DJ and dance floor, you can rest assured that there will be quite a few people who are the least bit bothered about the cake and are enjoying the festivities. In this case, even the 80% option when ordering cake Syracuse NY should be sufficient. Same is the case if you have a bar at the wedding. There will be a few people who are more interested in the drinking rather than eating.
You also need to consider the culture. Generally, American weddings are big on cakes but the same cannot be said of Asian weddings. So, if your groom or you yourself are from a culture where wedding cakes are not a ritual, you can forgo the 80% idea and order less cake. In your case, it would be enough to serve the guests.

A common mistake people make when ordering a cake Syracuse NY for their weddings is not taking the dessert into account. If the cake is the main dessert, then you order one serving for each guest. However, if you are going to be serving ice cream or any other sweet treat, even 80% might prove to be excessive. Yet, it is a safe number and you should stick to it.
In the case of cupcakes, you have to go for one for each guest. There is no way that you can cut or divide a single cupcake between two guests. So, if it is cupcakes you want, then you can go for 100%. In all other cases, as you can see, the 80% ratio will prove to be quite sufficient. This will allow you to save a few dollars on the cake Syracuse NY you order for your wedding and ensure there is no wastage.

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