A Journey of Cakes

Sometimes in life we unintentionally come across a skill; a passion we never knew we had. For me, it was cake! My entire cake journey began life as an experimental project just to see if I could pull it off. Well, that and the fact that I asked a soon to be six year old a very open ended question about what kind of birthday cake she wanted that year for her upcoming party. Having no clue where this would lead or what path I would soon find myself on I took a chance at my first custom cake. Seven years later and many, many cakes later I’m still learning, growing and surprising myself at how far I’ve come. Not only have I improved greatly, but I’ve discovered talents I didn’t even know I had. It’s been a great seven years and the next seven will be even better. I am a completely self taught baker who achieved her motivation from the persistence (and the big, dark long-lashed doughy eyes) of a little girl. So if ever you find yourself in need of the perfect cake and don’t want to chance it, look me up at custom cakes Syracuse NY. Continue reading A Journey of Cakes

The Right Way of Ordering Cakes in Syracuse, NY

Ordering a cake for a special day is one of the biggest responsibilities that you need to fulfill. Though you will need to make many other arrangements, a birthday, anniversary or wedding cake is one thing which will occupy most of your time. Unfortunately, most people do not get the cake they were hoping for simply because they did not order on time or did not know the right way to order cakes Syracuse NY.

If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips which you can use to order the perfect and most delectable cake. Continue reading The Right Way of Ordering Cakes in Syracuse, NY

Why Cupcakes are better than Cakes and Muffins

The debate between cupcakes, cakes or muffins is not a new one. The fans of each have strong claims that justify their choice. However, there is a reason cupcakes Syracuse NY are dominating bakeries across the city. If you’re a cakes or muffins fan, here are some reasons why you should consider cupcakes for your next event or just to get a dose of something sweet.

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